Local Rank Tracker v2 and the New Google+ Local Pages

This is just a short post to let everyone know that with the new Google+ Local Pages changes Local Rank Tracker is no longer able to track the results.

The software would need to be redeveloped into version 3 to be able to handle the new changes.

At this stage I can’t even give you an estimated time on when version 3 will be released.

If you are on the mailing list for the software you will be notified.

Thanks for your patience.


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Local Rank Tracker v2 is now released

Thought I’d drop in a post that Local Rank Tracker version 2 is now released (well it’s actually been released since late July 2011).

I’ve yet to get a sales later or sales video together for the new version 2 (yes I’m slack).

Until then you can grab the software at a crazy launch price of just $7

Of course I’ll be raising the price once I have my marketing sorted out.

PS I haven’t officially launched yet, so you’ll only know about this if you stumble on to it or someone tells you about it.

PPS Once I get the marketing sorted I’ll raise the price and have a proper launch with a mail out to all my lists and having affiliates get onboard.


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Version 1.05 has been released

Another round of changes has been made to the Local Rank Tracker in an effort to get near 100% accuracy on results.

Previously the results were calculated by looked at Google 100 results per page at a time. That’s an advanced search option in Google.

Trouble was viewing at 100 results per page offered different results to 10 results per page which is the default. Who would have thought?!

When you check your results in Google against Local Rank Tracker. Please use a different browser to your normal browser. eg. Use Chrome if you use Firefox, to look up a search result. You don’t want to be logged in to Google or have a previous cache or cookies from Google giving you different results. Turn Google Instant off.

Please get in contact with me (support area) if you find this version isn’t finding correct Google Places results for your listings.

To Update

1. Open Local Rank Tracker
2. Go to help in the menu
3. Click ‘check for updates’


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Version 1.04 has been released

Well it’s been a long time coming but version 1.04 has been released.

To Update

  1. Open Local Rank Tracker
  2. Go to help in the menu
  3. Click ‘check for updates’

What’s changed

This should fix any differences in results that some beta testers have been noticing.

Please upgrade and let me know via the support area http://websmartcentral.com/support if you notice any issues.

Talk soon


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Local Rank Tracker Status Update

Hi all you wonderful beta testers out there.

Time for a status update.

I’m very pleased that we have 232 beta testers on board for the Local Rank Tracker Google Places software.

Slightly more than I expected, and I haven’t even mailed my lists yet.

Thank you to those that have spread the word about the software, I notice quite a few from facebook, so that’s nice.

My lead developer Vasil (he’s a great programmer by the way) is feverishly working through a problem with the software that was producing different results for some users, myself included. He thinks he’s onto something and will have a version for me to test over the weekend. Fingers crossed it’s a winner.

Once everyone is happy the technology works, we’ll quickly pump out a full version of the software.

As I said right at the beginning of this software creation.

We have to get the technology right first.

I refuse to waste time making software without

1) knowing there is a market for it

2) not knowing if the technology can handle the task

WINNERS of the marketing survey

For those that have come along late to the beta, I did a quick survey of the first 100 beta users and offered 3 full versions of Local Rank Tracker (once it’s created) as a bribe to get as many people answering the survey as possible.

Here are 3 randomly selected survey winners which will be notified directly as well.

1) Bronwyn Stringer
2) Brennan Mack
3) Gary Wells

Talk soon


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Local Rank Tracker update to v1.01

A new update has been released

1) Made sure that caching and cookies have been turned off with the inbuilt browser in Local Google Places Rank Tracker

2) Some cosmetic changes and fixes

The software will self update, and there is a option in the help menu to check for updates as well.

Talk soon

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Local Google Places Rank Tracker Beta

Let’s get straight to it.

I got sick of waiting for a software solution that would track my local Google Places rank for my sites and my offline marketing clients.

Rather than build some software and not know if anyone was going to want it, I thought I’d release a free beta version and see how we go.

I know where I want this software to go, but if you have any opinions then leave them in the comments.

Keep in mind this is BETA software, no bells or whistles, but it works.

Click here for instant download of Local Google Places Rank Tracker

Look forward to your comments.

And I’ll be updating the blog with any new updates, which I’m sure will be plenty as this software grows.


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