Local Google Places Rank Tracker Beta

Let’s get straight to it.

I got sick of waiting for a software solution that would track my local Google Places rank for my sites and my offline marketing clients.

Rather than build some software and not know if anyone was going to want it, I thought I’d release a free beta version and see how we go.

I know where I want this software to go, but if you have any opinions then leave them in the comments.

Keep in mind this is BETA software, no bells or whistles, but it works.

Click here for instant download of Local Google Places Rank Tracker

Look forward to your comments.

And I’ll be updating the blog with any new updates, which I’m sure will be plenty as this software grows.


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10 Responses to Local Google Places Rank Tracker Beta

  1. Todd says:

    Are you willing to release the source code to let others help improve the tool? So far this is an excellent start. I’d like to see being able to search on more than 1 keyword at a time.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Todd

      No I won’t be releasing the source code. The idea is to have multiple keywords with multiple businesses and full tracking. But this is a market test as well as a Beta. If there is enough demand for the Beta I’ll build it out into a full featured application.


  2. Mark says:

    I’ll be buying it if you get it built out. Let us know how many folks you may need and I’ll send more folks to you.

  3. Justin says:


    Great tool!

    Do you have a way of doing this type of rank tracking in bulk? I have several hundred locations to track and entering them one-by-one is a bit laborious.


    • Aaron says:

      Thanks Justin, I know its pain, but this was just a beta to test the market and get the concept right. I’m still tweaking to get the results spot on while more people beta test it. I will build this out into a full app based on the beta release take up and results.

  4. that’s exactly what i was looking for.
    excellent tool..even as a beta.
    question: i assume the software is getting results based on the current location/IP of the user….so i basically cannot get real results for somebody in different city in canada.
    well done aaron

  5. Kelly says:

    Sorry Aaron, just seen Justin has already asked for this. Add me to the list please

  6. Sonia says:

    Hi Aaron.. Thanks alot for such a great tool, looking forward to the full version with more features.. have you finalized this as transforming this into a product yet? if yes till when can we expect this in the market..? Thanks loads..

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