Local Rank Tracker v2 is now released

Thought I’d drop in a post that Local Rank Tracker version 2 is now released (well it’s actually been released since late July 2011).

I’ve yet to get a sales later or sales video together for the new version 2 (yes I’m slack).

Until then you can grab the software at a crazy launch price of just $7

Of course I’ll be raising the price once I have my marketing sorted out.

PS I haven’t officially launched yet, so you’ll only know about this if you stumble on to it or someone tells you about it.

PPS Once I get the marketing sorted I’ll raise the price and have a proper launch with a mail out to all my lists and having affiliates get onboard.


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One Response to Local Rank Tracker v2 is now released

  1. Frank Perez says:

    Does your Local Rank Tracker work with all the Google+ Local rollovers?

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