Local Rank Tracker update to v1.01

A new update has been released

1) Made sure that caching and cookies have been turned off with the inbuilt browser in Local Google Places Rank Tracker

2) Some cosmetic changes and fixes

The software will self update, and there is a option in the help menu to check for updates as well.

Talk soon

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6 Responses to Local Rank Tracker update to v1.01

  1. nathan says:

    This tool could be very useful to our Internet marketing business. If you need any help with conceiving features, I would be happy to contribute.

  2. Kelly says:

    Brilliant tool, do you have any plans to make this software for a bulk search? For example, I search for 800 search terms every month, on google.co.uk, yahoo and Bing. I really need to look for these automatically on the local search – any plans to do this? Many thanks indeed. Kelly

  3. Dave Cane says:

    Fantastic mate, great tool, was introduced by a mate I meant through James Schramko good luck. Dave

  4. Christian says:

    I get my cid but seems quite shorter than the one at the video example. and the app wont accept it. Any chance to get an updated version?


  5. Christian says:

    I found why :D seems that the cid needed is only provided by google.com, but I use maps.google.es and it shows a different cid

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