Local Rank Tracker Status Update

Hi all you wonderful beta testers out there.

Time for a status update.

I’m very pleased that we have 232 beta testers on board for the Local Rank Tracker Google Places software.

Slightly more than I expected, and I haven’t even mailed my lists yet.

Thank you to those that have spread the word about the software, I notice quite a few from facebook, so that’s nice.

My lead developer Vasil (he’s a great programmer by the way) is feverishly working through a problem with the software that was producing different results for some users, myself included. He thinks he’s onto something and will have a version for me to test over the weekend. Fingers crossed it’s a winner.

Once everyone is happy the technology works, we’ll quickly pump out a full version of the software.

As I said right at the beginning of this software creation.

We have to get the technology right first.

I refuse to waste time making software without

1) knowing there is a market for it

2) not knowing if the technology can handle the task

WINNERS of the marketing survey

For those that have come along late to the beta, I did a quick survey of the first 100 beta users and offered 3 full versions of Local Rank Tracker (once it’s created) as a bribe to get as many people answering the survey as possible.

Here are 3 randomly selected survey winners which will be notified directly as well.

1) Bronwyn Stringer
2) Brennan Mack
3) Gary Wells

Talk soon


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2 Responses to Local Rank Tracker Status Update

  1. I know almighty Google keeps changing their algorithm which makes it tougher to get your Local Rank Tracker software working as it should. Anxiously awaiting its release.

  2. doug says:

    What ideas do you have for the full version?

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