Version 1.05 has been released

Another round of changes has been made to the Local Rank Tracker in an effort to get near 100% accuracy on results.

Previously the results were calculated by looked at Google 100 results per page at a time. That’s an advanced search option in Google.

Trouble was viewing at 100 results per page offered different results to 10 results per page which is the default. Who would have thought?!

When you check your results in Google against Local Rank Tracker. Please use a different browser to your normal browser. eg. Use Chrome if you use Firefox, to look up a search result. You don’t want to be logged in to Google or have a previous cache or cookies from Google giving you different results. Turn Google Instant off.

Please get in contact with me (support area) if you find this version isn’t finding correct Google Places results for your listings.

To Update

1. Open Local Rank Tracker
2. Go to help in the menu
3. Click ‘check for updates’


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11 Responses to Version 1.05 has been released

  1. Michael Paul says:

    Nice Update Aaron…

  2. Jeff says:

    Good update Aaron!
    I’m curious, is there a plan to “save” CID’s in the future? Perhaps some sort of historical record of ranks as well? I know its early days, but so far your software is the only one around it seems…I know a ton of marketers who would pay for this.
    Bear in mind I heard Market Samurai guys were considering implementing something similar into an update in the future.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Jeff

      Yes, the plan is to make something like Market Samurai rank tracker but even easier to do bulk checking / tracking just for Google Places.


  3. jeff says:

    how would you address results differences based on the ip address of the searcher? If I’m using the sw and google from the same ip, then presumably I should get the same results. However, what about if my client is in CA and I’m in Ga? I can change my location in Google, can I do so in the sw?

  4. jeff says:

    love to have a full tracking system for reporting

  5. Nyagoslav says:

    Hi, Aaron,

    I’ve got a strange issue – I do everything as shown in the video, but when I click on “Check” it just blocks and no result appears. However, I must admit the idea is extremely valuable.

  6. you say below but dont tell me wjere to go. why not just meake it the link you want me to go to? And where do i log in? I signed up a onetime. thx
    PS if this tells me where google places is ranked, like 10, what am I supposed to do now? Is that what you are selling? A way to improve it for my clientss? Sorry, confused.

  7. To Update

    Open Local Rank Tracker
    Go to help in the menu
    Click ‘check for updates’

    Where is it to open?

  8. Great tool Aaron, just what I needed. Cant wait till you are able to do bulk searches as well as save the CID’s in the program. Keep up the good work.

  9. austin says:

    I am excited about the software but I am missing the value. If I can see that my client is ranked 10, why do i need to go to a software to tell me that. What I think I need is a way to tell me how to get the 10 to the top spot. Please tell me what I am missing, I am sure it s ime, not you. thx, Austin

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